Anastasia Beverly Hills: Dipbrow vs Brow Wiz

One of the best known products from Anastasia Beverly Hills are her eyebrow products: the Dipbrow Pomade and the Brow Wiz. If you watch makeup tutorials on youtube, about 99% of these beauty gurus/makeup artists will be using either one of these products. But which one is better…?

(if you don’t want a in depth review, there’s a summary at the bottom of the page)

Let’s start with the Brow Wiz. It retails for £15.50 in the UK and $21 in the USA. It reminds me of a pencil because you’re literally drawing your eyebrows on. On one end you get the product, and on the other you get a spooly which I think is a really good addition. With this product, you get more precision than with the Dipbrow which means that it is a lot easier to get the shape you want, and if you happen to make a mistake it is easier to wipe it away. The resulting colour is definitely lighter than the colour that you get with the Dipbrow, which is why I believe that this product is better for anybody who prefers natural looking eyebrows. I also noticed that it lasts a lot longer throughout the day than the Dipbrow. I tend to use this product when I can’t be bothered to do a full glam and want to keep my makeup basic, but I still want my eyebrows to look good.

A dupe for this product is the Soap and Glory Archery Brow Pencil (£8). 15943498_1193607714026886_17472569_o

Moving on to the Dipbrow Pomade. It retails for £15 in the UK and $18 in the USA. Like I said in the previous paragraph, the colour with this product is a LOT darker so be aware of that when purchasing both of this products. I wouldn’t recommend buying e.g. Soft Brown in both the Brow Wiz and the Dipbrow because it won’t be the same colour. The Dipbrow doesn’t last as long because its more of a liquid formula, so any accidental touch will wipe the product away. I would recommend setting this product with a powder product in order to make it last longer. If you want a defined brow, the Dipbrow Pomade is definitely the option for you. It will leave your brows looking fleeky af, and it will look even better once you cut your brow with concealer. This is definitely my current ‘go to’ brow product, and my favourite out of the two.

The only dupe that I’ve tried for this product is the Freedom Pro Eyebrow Pomade (£5). It’s not my favourite, but it did the job.



Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz 

– Better for natural eyebrows

– More control and precision

– Lighter colour than the Dipbrow

– Last longer throughout the day

– More expensive than Dipbrow

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

– Better for defined eyebrows

– Less control and precision

– Darker colour than the Brow Wiz

– Doesn’t last as long throughout the day unless set with powder product

– Cheaper than the Brow Wiz

So basically when it comes to deciding which one you should buy, it’s all down to your personal preference. I prefer the Dipbrow but a lot of people prefer the Brow Wiz. It doesn’t matter which one you got for, they both do the same job but obviously provide different finishes.

I hope I was able to help some of you who are deciding which one of these two products to buy! And like always, if there’s any eyebrow products that you live by, please let me know as I love trying out new products!

Lots of love, Stef x      


15 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills: Dipbrow vs Brow Wiz

  1. This is such a great review! I’m looking into investing in both of these products and I’ve been looking for something as detailed as this for ages!
    I have naturally really dark eyebrows and want them to look more defined, but I definitely don’t want them to look like block brows and I’m worried the dipbrow might do that? Can you use it sparingly or would you recommend the Brow Wiz? Or do you think they work good together? Sorry for so many questions! 🙂 xx

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    1. Thank you so much honey, that means a lot! ☺️ with the Dipbrow, a little goes a long way so you could get the defined look if you don’t use a lot of product. You definitely will get block brows if you use a lot! I wouldn’t recommend the Brow Wiz for a defined Brow at all. Based on my experience, it’s definitely a better option if you’re going for the ‘natural brow’ look. I haven’t tried both of them together so I really don’t know! Don’t be silly, I love answering questions and helping in any way that I can! Hope this helped 😘 and also, on my Instagram I posted a video showing the results of my eyebrows using these products so feel free to check it out if you want to see the finish 🙂 xxx

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      1. Oh I see! I think it’s probably best to try both then, as they’re both ideal for different things! I do think that personally I’ll enjoy the dipbrow more as I’m definitely after more definition (I use powder on my brows ATM and it’s just not sharp enough!). I do like the idea of using the Brow Wiz to create your shape first and maybe do some filling in with the dipbrow…? I think that would be a good way to use both together!
        Thank you so much for your advice; I just need to take the plunge and give these items a try, they look fab! I’ll be sure to look at that vid on your Instagram also as I’m sure that’d be really useful for me! 🙂
        And would you not recommend the Freedom then? I’d heard mixed views and was unsure on whether to try that first! xxx

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      2. I definitely recommend trying them both – sometimes I want my makeup to be basic so I’ll reach for the Brow Wiz and my eyebrows will still look good, just obviously not definite and bold like with the Dipbrow! That’s actually a really smart idea I don’t know why I never thought of that!😂😂 They are 100% worth a try, I personally love the the Dipbrow more and I’m not really a fan of the Brow Wiz which I’ll explain in another blog post, but soo many people have the Brow Wiz as their holy grail, so it’s definitely down to personal preference! I found the freedom one good until I tried the Dipbrow😂 you know how you try something cheap and then you get the expensive version and it’s 100 times better? That’s exactly what it was like! I wouldn’t use the freedom one again because I’m so obsessed with the Dipbrow, but when I was using it it definitely done the job nicely, it was just more dry and harder to blend than the Dipbrow. Xxx

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      3. Ah right I see! I’ve recently tried a NYX Brow Pomade and I liked it at first but it was really dry and difficult to work with, so I’d prefer something more creamy like the Dipbrow! 🙂 Plus I always think if you waste money on a cheaper one it’s going to take longer to save for the pricey one 😉 Thanks so much for your tips lovely Xxx

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      4. The Dipbrow is definitely really creamy, when I first put it on it was like it was ice skating across my eyebrows! 😂 ooo I’ll read reviews on the NYX one then because I’m looking for new Brow products to try! You’re more than welcome sweetie feel free to ask question anytime xxx

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      5. Sounds dreamy!! I honestly wouldn’t recommend the NYX though lovely if you like a creamy texture, it was really dry and hard to blend – sounds like the Freedom one Xxx


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