My New Years Resolutions For 2017

Hi everyone, long time no see! I know I went from posting every week, to not posting in over a month so I thought I’d take this chance to explain myself. Recently, I’ve been going through a very low stage of self consciouness and low self esteem. I started to doubt everything that I’m doing in my life and lost a LOT of motivation do to anything – write blog posts, do college work, post on Instagram etc.  After a fair amount of pep talks from myself, my boyfriend and a few teachers at college, I decided to get off my ass and get back into doing everything that I love doing. I want to have a completely brand new start, which is why I thought that the new year would be the perfect time as it gives me time to plan out everything that I’m going to be working on, goals I will try to achieve and many other things. Which brings me to this blog post: my targets for the up and coming new year!

  1. Be more optimistic

I’m the type of person who sees the glass as half empty, which means that I have a bad habit of thinking the worst of everything – wether that’s people or situations. For example if you gave me 20 tasks to do and I got 18 of them done, instead of being proud of how much I got done I would feel like a failure for not completing the final 2 tasks. I never see the positive side to anything and that really affects the way I feel and how I act towards people; which is obviously something that needs to be changed.

2. Be more productive

My blog, Instagram and YouTube are going to be one of my main focuses next year. I know that to achieve my goals and dreams I will have to work my ass off to get myself noticed so I can come across amazing opportunities which will help me get to where I want to be. The plan is to start YouTube after I get all the equipment I need, and when I start it I want to have 1000 subscribers by the end of the year. As for Instagram, the plan is to get my feed looking nice and tidy as I have a bad habit of going off my theme which leaves everything looking messy! For my blog, I aim to have 200 followers and post at least once a week.

3. Treat myself more

Wether its a spa day, retail therapy or a box of chocolates, I tend to forget to take a break and relax from everything that is going on in my life. Sometimes I get so stressed out with everything and completely forget to take a seat and calm down. I need to remind myself that it’s okay to buy that Zoeva brush set if I really want to, it’s okay to buy myself a tub of Ben & Jerry’s if that’s what I’m craving, it’s okay to go and get a facial if I think my skin looking a little dry and dull. TREAT YO SELF GURL!

4. Expand my makeup abilities

As the majority of you know, I LOVE makeup. It fascinates me how you can create a range of different looks with a range of different products. I’m definitely not a pro, but I consider myself to be quite good when it comes to working with makeup – although, there is always room for improvement. I know I can SLAYYY a cut crease, which maybe is a sign that I should experiment in looks that I’m not so good at, and looks that I’ve never tried before.

5. Start driving

Ever feel like you’re the only person in your generation that isn’t on the road yet? Yeah me too. Driving would make everything a lot easier, like getting to work or going to nearby towns. It would definitely save me from having to walk or take the bus/train everywhere which I absolutely HATE doing, and you know what the best part of it would be? ROAD TRIPS!

6. Ignore negativity

I honestly don’t know why I let negativity get to me so much. No matter how good you’re doing, there will always be people who have something negative to say. Some of them are mad that you’re doing better than them, or they’re mad because you’re doing something with your life and they’re not. Whatever it is, it’s a reflection of THEM not YOU.

7. Stop comparing myself to others.

Everybody is different. Everybody is beautiful in their own kind of way. Everybody has different journeys even if it leads to the same destination. Just because that girl gets hundreds of likes on her profile picture and I only get 70, it doesn’t mean that I’m ugly or not as pretty as her. Just because it took someone 1 year to achieve their goal, it doesn’t mean that I’ll never reach mine because it’s taking me longer than a year. Comparing yourself to others is so damaging and it’s definitely a mindset that I will be changing.

So overall, I hope that 2017 becomes a key year in my life. The year of hard work and opportunities, the year of turning from a teenager into a young adult (not just from turning 18) and the year of breaking out of my comfort zone and doing things I never imagined doing. Let me know what YOUR New Years resolutions will be!

Lots of love, Stef x

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3 thoughts on “My New Years Resolutions For 2017

      1. You’re very welcome! I’ve been inactive too recently – I’ve just been so busy and lacked motivation! But I feel so much better after having a wee break and clearing my head! 🙂 xx

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