Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask Review

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you all my experience with the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask. I got it really cheap at savers for only £1 which is an amazing price and extremely affordable, plus I rarely try any skincare from garnier so I wanted to give it a try. 

The mask is very slippery due to there being so much serum in it; this made it quite hard to adjust and put on but after a while I got it in the position that I wanted and left it for 15 minutes. While the mask was on, it felt extremely cooling which made me think that it was definitely working, and my skin felt super fresh as well which made me excited to take it off and see the results. There was a LOT of the serum still left over when I took the mask off so I just blended it into my skin with my fingers in circular motions until it was completely absorbed. 

I was really disappointed with the results, because there was actually no results at all. My forehead felt dry af and my skin didn’t feel moisturised whatsoever. You’d think that a product with that much serum in it would at least make your skin the slightest bit soft, right? Wrong. It literally done nothing! It was a complete waste of time as money, which is why it was so cheap. 

Based on my experience with this tissue mask, I wouldn’t recommend buying this product because you’ll just regret buying it. There are so many other great moisturising masks out there so don’t even bother trying out this one. I think Garnier is an amazing brand, however I was not a fan on this product by then at all. If you know any good moisturising face masks then please let me know because I’m on the look for one!


Until next time, Stef x


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