L’Oréal Pure Clay Masks Review

Hello everyone! Today I will be reviewing the Pure Clay masks range by L’Oréal that I purchased a few weeks back. This range consists of 3 different masks: The Detox Mask, The Glow Mask and the Purify Mask. I didn’t purchase the Purify one because it claims to give the skin a matte finish and that’s not what I like at all. So, instead I bought the other 2 masks since I LOVE looking glowy plus my skin has been so bad lately that I felt like a detox is exactly what it needed. For both of these masks, I applied with a clean foundation brush since I found that to be the easiest method, and then washed them off with warm water after 10-15 minutes. Both of them were creamy and super easy to apply!

The first thing that I noticed about the Detox Mask was that it dried super quickly! It says on the instructions to add a thin layer, but I ended up putting about 2 thick layers because I thought that it wasn’t going on properly, when  it was actually just drying really quickly… oops! So after about 2 minutes of having it on my face started to feel stiff, but it wasn’t uncomfortable at all which is good. Despite having 2 layers on, it came off rather easily with warm water and then it took about 5 minutes for the effects to settle in. My skin felt SO refreshed in some areas of my face, mainly around the outside perimeter. It didn’t feel soft, but it felt insanely smooth as if every bump or rough texture that I had was just gone! The only problem that I noticed was that the next day my pores looked huge. Usually, my pores aren’t noticeable at all but the day after using this mask they enlarged so much that you could see it from a distance. 

With the Glow mask, I didn’t get on so well with it. I was super excited to use it,  thinking that it would leave my skin looking healthy and glowy but I was actually really disappointed. As soon as I put it on, my face started burning. It obviously contained an ingredient that my skin didn’t like but straight away I could tell that I wasn’t going to be hugely impressed with this mask. It didn’t feel as stiff as the Detox mask, and it was definitely easier to take off. I waited 5 minutes just like I did with the other mask, but this time I actually saw no effects whatsoever. This glow mask basically done nothing at all. It didn’t leave my skin soft, didn’t make me look healthy, didn’t make me look glowy, didn’t make me feel refreshed… it just literally done nothing. At all. I’m extremely disappointed and felt like it was a waste of money buying the Glow Mask to be completely honest. 

It’s obvious that no product is going to work on everyone, which is why I recommend trying a product before developing an opinion on it. For example, my boyfriend suffers with mild acne and has super dry skin. I told him about the Detox mask and the effects that it had on me, and suggested for him to use it and see if it makes his skin look and feel better. The Detox mask didn’t work for him AT ALL. It obviously irritated his skin like crazy because his spots just got worse, and it left his skin burning. I found it really strange that it was amazing for me but terrible for him, but it just comes to show that everybody is different and that not all products will work for everyone. However, after my boyfriend used the Detox mask, he too noticed that his pores got insanely bigger! Surely that’s no coincidence right? Let me know what you think… 


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