NYX Glitters and Crystal Liner Review

NYX Cosmetics have a whole range of gorgeous products available online and in store, two of them being their Face and Body Glitters and their Crystal liners which I recently purchased. They’re affordable, pretty and easy to use. Today I will be giving you a review on them just in case you want to know what they perform like, and I’ll include some pictures so that you can see what looks I created with it. 

Crystal Liners

These are basically glitter eyeliners. They have a whole range of colours available which are all super pretty, but the ones I currently have are the gold, pink and aqua liners. You apply them like normal eyeliner, however these are easier to control as they have a very fine tip which is amazing for when you want to be really precise or get into the inner eye area. One coat is usually enough and looks great from a distance, however up close it looks like you have gaps and missing glitter throughout the liner. I would suggest doing two to three coats so that it looks good up close as well as far away. The only problem that I have with this product is that it burns A LOT. I don’t know why this happens, I don’t know if it only happens to me, but it’s really uncomfortable and annoying and feels unsafe as the eyelid is a very sensitive and delicate area. 

Face and Body Glitters

The colours that the NYX glitters are available in are SO gorgeous it’s insane. When you see it, you just want to buy every single one of them as there’s so many different colours. They’re fairly easy to apply, however there’s a lot of fall out which is annoying, so I would advise that you do your eye makeup before doing any face makeup otherwise you’ll have a hard time getting it off. They’re slightly hard to blend out, like once you put it on it will stay in that place which is good but not that great if you’re trying to blend it out into your eyeshadow. Also, don’t make the mistake of using eyelash glue to stick the glitter on your eyelids. Use proper glitter glue so that it will be super easy to get off and it won’t irritate your eyes in the process! The colours are quite pigmented, but I would suggest applying a second coat so that the colour is more vibrant and so there’s no gaps. 
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