The Best Drugstore Concealers

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Hi everyone! Before I start this review I’d firstly like to apologise for not posting for the past 2 weeks. I had a lot going through my mind which caused my motivation to do anything go down massively, so instead of making half-assed posts I decided to have a break to get back into the right mindset. I feel a lot healthier mentally now so… I’M BACK! 

Today I want to talk about my top 2 favourite drugstore concealers.  Everybody is always looking for one that is able to hide anything, right? And a big bonus would be if it was really cheap and affordable. So that is why today I’m saving you from wasting time and money trying out all kinds of concealers only to get disappointed. Unfortunately, there’s only 2 drugstore concealers that I’m going to be talking about today, simply because I haven’t found any others that reach their level or even exceed it. But in my opinion, as long as you have both of these concealers, then you won’t even need to go looking for other ones! 

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – £5.99

This is probably the creamiest concealer that I’ve ever tried in my whole life, which might make some people think that the coverage isn’t that great but they’re SO wrong! I definitely underestimated how full coverage this concealer would actually be, and a surprising factor about it is that it leaves a slightly dewy finish – which is really good if you like looking luminous. The fact that it is creamy results in it being slightly thin in consistency, but that that’s not even a problems because it  blends out super easily! Plus, it’s a right bargain for only £6. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – £4.19

I feel like Collection is a UK brand that doesn’t get much recognition at all, they actually have some really good products, one of them being their Lasting Perfection Concealer. It is a lot thicker in consistency compared to the maybelline fit me concealer, which makes it look slightly cakey when you first put it on put as soon as you blend it out it looks absolutely flawless. Not only is it a piece of cake to blend, it actually looks like it’s become one with your foundation. It’s not something that can be explained easily, just go buy it and see for yourselves! It definitely has more coverage than the maybelline fit me, and it’s cheaper, which is why I think that it’s the better option out of the two. 

So those are my top 2 concealers, if there’s any other drugstore ones that you think are absolutely amazing then please let me know – Snapchat me, tweet me, DM me on Instagram, anything! Until next time, love you all x 

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