My Winter Coat Wishlist

Winter is for sure my favourite season of the year. Not only because of all the festivity that comes with it as Christmas approaches, but also because of the stylish winter fashion that comes out to play. It is the perfect time to dress as fancy and as cosy as you like, and all of the shops on the market sure give you a wide variety of options as to what you can wear. For me personally, having a big faux fur coat with some high heeled boots is what winter is all about, but there’s a range of different coats out there to suit your style and taste this upcoming winter. In this blog post, I will be sharing with you my personal favourites that will definitely be on my shopping list towards the end of Autumn. Enjoy! (PS. if you click on the picture it will redirect you to the website where you can buy it)

Urban Outfitters, £140

Topshop, £59
River Island, £75 (limited edition)
Forever21, £52
Lasula, £60
Lasula, £65
Lasula, £25


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