My Top 3 Highlighters

Hello makeup lovers! Today I will be telling you all about my current favourite highlighters. For most of us, highlighter is the most fun part of our makeup routine. Sometimes it doesn’t feel the same without it! Everybody has different taste, some like a subtle shimmer while others like the blinding highlight. Whatever your preference is, there’s a highlighter out there for you! But if you want to see MY favourite ones then just keep reading 🙂 
The first highlighter that I want to mention is by The Balm Cosmetics and is called Mary-Lou Manizer. A lot of makeup gurus have this as their go to highlighter, and it’s not hard to guess why! It gives the most beautiful, champagne highlight wherever you apply it, and it’s reasonably priced too! If you like an intense highlight then this highlighter would be perfect for you. It is currently on the market for £17.50 at Debenhams or Superdrug. 
My next favourite highlighter is Gilded Honey by Laura Geller (£21). It is a super strong, gold highlight that will for sure be seen from outer space when you wear it. Even the tiniest amount of it will make you look like a sparkling goddess that others will be able to spot from miles away. However, it is incredibly small; its size is the only let down but it sure as hell makes up for it by the quality and pigmentation of the product! 
Lastly, my top favourite highlighter is by MAC. We all love MAC, right? It’s hard to not buy from this company as they make some of the most amazing products, and they also have a product for every person no matter what their skin type or skin colour! Their Global Glow highlighter (£24) has stolen my heart. I bought it at an airport based on its name; it made me think that it’s a highlighter for every skin tone and I was correct. If you like a subtle highlight that leaves you looking dewy and glowy at the same time then you will absolutely love this! I wear it every single day and I’m really scared that I’m going to run out of it anytime soon 😦 
So that’s all my current favourite highlighters, leave a comment down below telling me what your favourites are! Lots of love, Stef xo


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