My Everyday Makeup Routine

Hello everyone! Today I will be telling you all about my makeup routine and all the products I use when doing my makeup every single day. Recently I’ve been sticking to the same products and doing the same look for college because my days aren’t that long so I don’t feel the need to be all glammed up. If you’d like to see what I like to use every day then keep reading! 

Before I apply any makeup I moisturise my face with the Anti Blemish moisturiser by Simple. Recently I’ve been having so many breakouts and blemishes and this moisturiser really helps to control that. It contains chamomile which is great for your skin too! 

After I moisturise I go in with a primer. At the moment I alternate between 3 different primers depending on the look that I want to go for. If I want my makeup to last all day, I use the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water as it’s such a refreshing primer that helps your makeup stay for a long time. If I’m going for the glowy, luminous look I use the L’Oréal Lumi Magique Primer, and if I only want my makeup to last a few hours I’ll use the Benefit Porefessional so my foundation doesn’t sink into my pores and clog them up. 
The foundation I’ve been using is the Milani 2 in 1 Conceal and Perfect foundation. The only reason why I’ve been using this everyday is to build up a good opinion of it so I can review it here on my blog (coming soon!). I’m not going to go into too much detail about it on this post but so far I can say that it does have a decent amount of coverage. 
I then go in with concealer under my eyes and recently I pick between 2 concealers depending on the look that I want. If I just want my undereyes to look brighter, I use the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer. This concealer isn’t that great in terms of coverage, but it is definitely amazing for highlighting. If I want the highlight AND coverage I use the Maybelline Fit Me concealer as it is just so creamy and gives a really good coverage too.  
I don’t really use a fancy, expensive powder because I prefer to spend my money testing out more interesting beauty items; the powder I use is the pressed powder by Collection. It does the job of sealing my foundation just fine and it is also very cheap! 
After setting my face with powder, it is time to bronze/contour! I don’t go for the harsh, strong contour everyday because like I said, it’s only college so there’s no need to look too fancy. I use the Benefit Hoola Bronzer as it is the most perfect shade for a subtle yet effective contour. 
To highlight, I use the Global Glow Mineralise Skin Finish by MAC as this is now my favourite highlighter out of all the ones I’ve got. If you like the soft, luminous highlight then this is the perfect one for you! I’m not really a fan of the blinding see-from-outer-space highlight so this one is the one I always go to. However, if I fancy a more stronger highlight than usual then I’ll use the very popular Gilded Honey by Laura Geller. 
For my eyebrows I use the eyebrow pomade by Freedom as I HATE doing my eyebrows with powder and this one is very easy to use and blend out. I’ve also heard that it is a great dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow. And then to lock in the product and to make my eyebrow hairs stay where they are I’ve been using the KIKO Designer Eyebrow Mascara. I haven’t been using it long enough to form a detailed opinion of it but as soon as I do I will make a post about it! 
After my eyebrows I use mascara and the one I always use is my holy grail mascara which is the Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash, I’ve done blog post on it before so if you want to check that out then just click here. If for some reason I want to have a wing then I’ll use the NYX Vinyl liquid liner, but this is vary rare so I usually just stick to wearing mascara. 
I then go in with a lip liner and lipstick, the lip liner I’ve been using is the KIKO Smart Lip Pencil in the number 704 as it is very creamy and easy to apply. It goes perfectly with the lipstick I’ve been wearing every single day which is a matte colour called Persistence by MAC cosmetics. It’s the perfect brown nude with a red undertone and I’m just obsessed with it. 
To seal in all of my makeup and to lock it in place, I pick between 2 different setting sprays depending on the look I’m going for and how long I want it to last. If I want my makeup to stay in place for a very very long time then I’ll use the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray as it is the setting spray from Heaven. It’s absolutely amazing and if you haven’t tried it out yet then I suggest you do! If I’m going for a glowy look I use the NYX Dewy Finish setting spray. This is absolutely amazing and I feel like it is so underrated. If gives your skin a gorgeous glow and it amplifies your highlight so beautifully! The only disadvantage is that it doesn’t last as long as the UD All Nighter. 
So that’s all the products I use, I’ve listed down below the prices of all the products I’ve mentioned. If you’d like to ask me any questions about any item I’ve Mentioned then don’t hesitate to contact me! What are your everyday makeup products? Let me know! 
Stef xo


Simple Anti Blemish Moisturiser: £4.59

Smashbox Photofinish Primer water: £20

L’Oréal Lumi Magique Primer: £9.99

Benefit Porefessional Primer: £24.50

Milani 2 in 1 Cover & Conceal Foundation £9.99

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer £7.99

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer £5.99

Collection Pressed Powder £1.99

Benefit Hoola Bronzer £23.50

MAC Global Glow £24

Laura Geller Gilded Honey £21

Freedom Eyebrow Pomade £5

KIKO Eyebrow Designer Mascara £7.20

Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Mascara £1.99

NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner: £5.50

KIKO Smart Lip Pencil: £2.50

Mac Matte Lipsticks £15.50

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray £22

NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray £7


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