Eylure Lashes: The Best & Worst

Today I am going to be talking about Eylure. It is a very famous brand that provide a whole range of different eyelashes to suit your every need for every occasion. They are one of the most popular drugstore eyelash brand on the market today, mostly due to all the different options they provide and their affordability. 

They have 7 different styles in totals, and other collaborations with celebrities.  You have the choice between Natural lashes, Lengthening lashes, Texture lashes, Volume lashes, Definition lashes, Exaggerate lashes, Dramatic lashes , the Cheryl collaboration, the Vegas Nay collaboration, the Fleur De Force collaboration , the House of Holland collaboration and the Rosie Bea collaboration. 
I’ve tried out a lot of their lashes and to be completely honest there’s a lot that I found out aren’t really that good in MY opinion. From each range available, I will be mentioning one that I like and one that really wasn’t for me. So if you’d like to find out which ones are my absolute favourites and which ones I will never use again, then just keep reading! 

The Natural Range

LIKE: My favourite eyelashes from the Natural range is without a doubt number 027 (£5.25). It made me look like I had the most perfect natural lashes in the whole world, and the band was so thin that you honestly couldn’t even tell that I was wearing it. At the inner corner of your eye, it starts off with small eyelashes and then as it gets to the outer corner of your eye the lashes get slightly longer. But again, it still looks absolutely natural yet glamorous at the same time! 

DISLIKE: Number 020 (£4.95). It was honestly a complete waste of money. Yes, I know that the whole point of natural looking eyelashes IS to imitate your real lashes, but surely it’s meant to enhance your eyelashes even the slightest bit? This one did absolutely nothing. It was like I didn’t even put anything on. My eyelashes didn’t look the slightest bit longer, the slightest but fuller or the slighted bit thicker. I am NOT exaggerating when I say that it done literally nothing. 

The Lengthening Range

LIKE: Number 115 (£5.25). This provides the most length out of the whole range which I think is why it’s my absolute favourite. Unfortunately I was born with the smallest eyelashes in the world so when I wear number 115 it makes the biggest difference! It’s main purpose is to make your eyelashes appear longer, which it does, but it also adds the perfect amount of volume which makes it look like you have really full lashes. 

DISLIKE: Number 116 (£5.25). This one for me barely added any length at all, which is really disappointing since its in the lengthening range. The only good thing about it is that it adds lashes to any missing sections that you have from when you’ve accidentally picked off one of your natural lashes, but apart from that it doesn’t lengthen anything. 

The Texture Range 

LIKE: I honestly couldn’t pick between 117 and 150 (both are £5.25). They make your lashes look really layered and slightly messy which some people, like me, absolutely love. Number 117 is very similar to the Ardell Demi Wispies and 150 is just perfect and I’m obsessed with it. 

DISLIKE: Number 157 (£5.65). The texture that this eyelash gives is great, however it is one of the most uncomfortable eyelashes I’ve ever worn. The band is SO thick that it made it difficult for me to put on because I have small eyes, it’s extremely heavy and after about 10 minutes of wearing it I just wanted it off straight away. 

The Volume Range

DISLIKE: ALL OF THEM. I can’t stand the volume range, I wore a couple of them and decided that I will never ever be wearing one of them again. Simply because, from my experience, it was impossible to put on. The glue would just come off the band no matter how much or how little I put on, the band is bent upwards so much that whenever I try to place it as close as I can to my lash line, it will just slip and end up somewhere completely different to where I originally tried to put it. It NEVER stays in place, it’s impossible to put on, impossible to make it look good and when you actually get it to look decent it will be so uncomfortable and make your eyes itch. Just stay away from this range! 

The Definition Range

LIKE/ DISLIKE: ALL OF THEM. They’re all super pretty and gorgeous and I honestly wish that I loved them but once again the band is an absolute let down. Just like the volume range, most of the bands are bent upwards which make it difficult to put on and stay on. They’re all also really uncomfortable to wear which is disappointing because they’re all absolutely beautiful. 

The Exaggerate Range 

LIKE: Number 143 (£7.25). These eyelashes make my eyes pop in a way that no other one does. It’s one of the ones that I repurchase the most simply because the final look goes sooo well with a dramatic eyeshadow which is what I’m wearing most of the time. It exaggerates your length, your volume and it’s just perfect overall. The band is slightly thick which gets uncomfortable after a while but the lashes are so beautiful that I put up with it. 

DISLIKE: Number 145 (£5.26) not because of the quality of it, but simply because I just don’t like how it looks. It appears to be way too flat and doesn’t curl upwards which isn’t what I like at all. 

The Dramatic RangeMY FAVOURITE RANGE!!! 

LIKE: Number 202 (£7.10) I am OBSESSED with. I live for dramatic eyes and eyelashes so this pair is the perfect one for me. I always come back to these lashes because I know that I will never ever be disappointed with them. I’m obsessed with everything about it: the length, the boldness, the thickness, the volume. Everything! I feel like Eylure made these lashes especially for me, whenever I see it I’m like YAASSS!!! I highly recommend these ones. 

DISLIKE: Number 204 (£7.10). These lashes will make you look like a drag queen. If that’s the look you like and the look that you’re going for then by all means go for it boo boo, but for me personally it’s way too over the top and it just looks plain ugly to me. 

 Favourite Collaborations By Eylure:  

  • Cheryl – Sexy Señorita £5.95
  • House Of Holland – Ruffle £5.95
  • Vegas Nay – ALL OF THEM 

Disliked Collaborations By Eylure: 

  • Cheryl – Girls Night £5.95
  • House Of Holland – Luffly £5.95
  • The Rosie Bea Range
  • The Fleur De Force Range

So that’s everything! I know that when it comes to false eyelashes it’s really down to personal preference, what you may like might be horrible for me and what I may be obsessed with, you can’t stand! But I thought I would share my personal opinions and experiences with some of these lashes so that it can maybe help out some of you when you go to try them yourselves. Please let me know if you can relate to my experiences or if you want to recommend me your favourite eyelashes then don’t hesitate to contact me! 
Stef xo


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