My £1.99 Holy Grail Mascara

I have tried many different mascaras ever since I started wearing makeup. It is what completely transforms your eyes and is what brings your whole makeup looks together. If I could only pick one product to wear for the rest of my life it would 100% without a doubt be mascara! Even though I have the urge to always try out new products, there seems to be one mascara that I ALWAYS come back to. I would happily buy it over and over again knowing I’d be more than satisfied with the result and knowing I’ve avoided wasting money on a potentially bad mascara. 

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The Fabulous Lash mascara by Miss Sporty is the one that will always have my heart. This might come as a bit of a shock because the brand isn’t as popular as the other mainstream drugstore brands like Maybelline or Rimmel, and some Miss Sporty products aren’t really that good, but I can honestly say that this mascara is absolutely amazing (for me anyway). Miss Sporty do really cheap makeup and nail products which instantly gives people the first impression that their products aren’t that great hence the price, but I think that people really need to learn to ignore the name of the brand, ignore the price and just focus on the quality of the product because they might actually be surprised. 

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This mascara transforms my eyelashes in a way that no other mascara ever has before. I have really small eyes and short eyelashes so mascara never really does anything for me apart from make my lashes black. But this particular mascara gives me everything I could ever want. It makes my eyelashes black of course, it gives them the PERFECT length (makes it longer but not super long to the point where it looks like spider legs) , it doesn’t clump and it separates my lashes so so nicely that it looks like I’m actually wearing false eyelashes. I seem to get the most compliments when I’m wearing this mascara. It might turn out completely different on you compared to how it turns out on me, but I would definitely recommend at least trying it out and seeing if you will love it as much as I do! And it’s only £1.99 which is an absolute bargain! 
Let me know what your favourite mascara is 🙂 

Stef x


3 thoughts on “My £1.99 Holy Grail Mascara

  1. They discontinued this mascara in my local Superdrug and it sucks because it was literally the bomb! :(((((((

    I just found your blog a few mins ago but I’m already in love. Followed!!!


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