Anastasia Beverly Hills – Cream Contour Kit Review 

Good afternoon my lovelies! Today I am going to be reviewing the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit in ‘Medium’ 

This was actually the first ever ABH product I  bought, and it is the only one I currently have. After seeing many videos and pictures of it and hearing everybody rave about it I decided to buy it myself. I went on the very popular Beauty Bay website and it arrived in 2 days! (Love u beauty bay xo) 

When it arrived I was actually quite shocked at how small it was. I definitely expected it to be way bigger, in pictures it didn’t look massive but it definitely did not look as small as it actually is! For a minute there I actually thought I got ripped off and got sent a sample instead of the actual product but eventually I accepted that that’s just the way it is. 

Upon the first time using it, I realised that it wasn’t love at first sight and that I wasn’t reaching for it as much as I would reach for my other contouring products. I didn’t quite understand why, I just knew that I didn’t like it. Eventually I stopped using it completely, but the other day I figured I’d give it one last try and that’s when the reasons why it isn’t my favourite product became clear to me.

I feel like calling it a ‘cream’ contour kit is really misleading as the one I purchased was far from creamy! It’s patchy, insanely DRY and it really didn’t blend well at all! Not only that, but in my opinion the colours are way too dark, even the lightest colour! I had to blend so much that all the product was basically gone, and when I didn’t blend that much I had to use a LOT of powder for it to actually look presentable. Whenever I use it, I literally stay there for like 20 minutes trying to make it look good. 

I don’t know if all of their ABH’s cream contour kits are like this, or if I just got a bad one, but I decided not to use it anymore and am now selling it to someone else (message me if interested). I’m really disappointed by this product because I’ve always heard so highly of it. Overall, I give it a 8/10 for packaging because I love that the lid is transparent and that through it you can see all the shades all next to each other. I think it looks really tidy and classy. However, I have to give the quality it a 3/10 as I did not like it whatsoever. Please note that I am not bashing Anastasia Beverly Hills, I think it’s a very successful brand and I can’t wait to try out their other products in future, I am just giving my personal bad experience with this particular product. 
Let me know what you use to contour so I can try it out! Xo


4 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills – Cream Contour Kit Review 

    1. Oh really? Well I must’ve got a faulty one then:( it’s honestly so hard to blend and it’s insanely dry! I was really upset and disappointed because I’ve always heard so many good things about them


      1. Do you know if your website have policy returns? I know that you can do that at Sephora, if you don’t like a product, you can come back with it and show them what the problem is (though this is in store, I am not sure about website policies). But maybe you can check that out 🙂


      2. I don’t think I can because I bought it months ago and since its been used I don’t think I can take it back. Maybe I’ll buy their powder contour kits and see if I have a better experience with them ones!


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